4 outfits and new Adidas bag

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Some my outfits of last and of this week: DSC01629 DSC01632

(Puli Zara; majica H&M; jeans New Yorker; čevlji Ali Star; torbica Adidas) DSC01619DSC01621


(Majica Zara; DIY kratke hlače; torbica in čevlji Pull&Bear)  DSC01676 DSC01680

(Vintage pulover; torbica Adidas; harem hlače Zara; čevlji Ali Star) DSC01705 DSC01706

((Vintage shirt and tee; H&M hat; Two Way scarf; Passiontex jeans; Sewa bag; Ali Star shoes)

I can’t regularly update my blog, because I’m bad at organization of my time. That’s why is there so many outfits. So, which one do you prefer ?   Have fun everybody ! (:






  1. hmm its a tie between the last two.. i lvoe your casual approach to chic … its great and effortless .. a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere

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