Always look on the bright side of Life

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DSC00914 DSC00916 DSC00924DSC00921DSC00933 DSC00938 DSC00939 DSC00957 There is a cave in the middle of Ptuj city, by Edgar Mueller DSC00964DSC00972 (Secondhand & DIY dress, Zara pullover, an old DIY skirt, H&M pantyhose, Accessories bag, Ali Star shoes)

I’m so glad that school haven’t started for me yet 😀





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  1. Omg! Temu se reče umetnina! Najprej sem rabla 5 min, da sem ugotovila, da je to v bistvu naslikan!:) Super outfit(spet). In jest sem tut vesela, ker se še ni začel faks:D

  2. Oooo, do konca življenja mi bo žou, da se nisem vpisala na psihologijo..

    Heh, tud js sm rabla par minut, da sm dojela, da je to naslikan 😀 Prvo sm mislna, da je to ena huuge luža, pa da so tist samo sence, ampak potem mi ni bilo jasno "sence od česa".. Fajn! 😀

  3. Love love love that colour on your tights and the writing on your shirt is adorable! I'd have to remember to always look on the bright side of life:) xx

  4. wowwwwwwwwww:)
    I love the last pic!!!! oh and last summer I bought a sweatshirt of Roxy in Ireland with the words "Think Bright Thoughts". Your shirt reminded me to it:)
    anyway, thanks a lot for you comment on my blog!
    xx from madrid:)

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