At least we will fail while daring greatly!

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eco friendly personal style blogger

eco friendly personal style blogger

An outfit post after quite some time. It will be the short one. I don’t post much lately. When I don’t post much it’s either because I’m not inspired to write or it’s so much going on that I’m totally inspired, but cannot find time. Thanks God is second. Life is treating me well lately. But it’s also true that I treat life well, enjoying it’s beauty, people that are being sent to me, belly laughs and deep shit conversations.

I am daring quite greatly, I have to say!

* * *
Secondhand sunglasses; vintage blouse; New Yorker leggings; Deichmann shoes, 3 Ptice tote bag & scrunchie on my wrist
Sado-maso elephant


She’s so beautiful. Remember her from here, maybe?


I haven’t seen this one before


If you feel overwhelmed, this is the place to go. Ptuj’s castle.


Sharing ice-cream with my favourite man. Besides my granpa, of course.







  1. Wa, tista fotka kjer ležiš v zeleni trati je tako lušna. Pričara prav sproščujoče in veselja polno, vzdušje… (: Čudovita si! In vesela sem zate, da so se stvari postavile na mesto (:

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