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DSC09825 DSC09824 DSC09830 DSC09838 DSC09839 DSC09841DSC09840DSC09844 DSC09856 DSC09862DSC09866 DSC09871 DSC09882DSC09883 DSC09885 DSC09890 DSC09903 DSC09904DSC09913 V soboto sem bila v Budimpešti z mamo, Tamaro in njeno mamo. Mesto je zelo lepo, arhitektura jemlje sapo. Naslednjič bom šla tja za nekaj dni ali tednov ali pa bo morda naneslo, da bom tam spet le za dan, hah, ampak definitivno želim iti v toplejšem delu leta. On Saturday was I in Budapest (Hungary) with my mother, Tamara and her mother. The city is beautiful, arhitecture is breathtaking. Next time I’ll go there for few days or weeks or it might happen that I’ll be there just for a day, again, hah, but I definetely wanna go in some warmer time of year.





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  1. joj mi smo šli tja za dva dni lani okoli božiča..
    in smo naleteli ravno na najbolj mrzle dni v letu.. poden.. bilo je vsaj -20 stopinj.. še danes me zebe ko se spomnim na ta dva dneva 🙂
    drugače je pa mesto res res res lepo 🙂

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