“But we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.” -Seal

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LSFbyAnita 808 Res sem imela lepotni spanec, hah, 10 ur, yeah! Zato sem par trenutkov nazaj popila kavo, ker nameravam slikat do kakšnih enih ali dveh. V horoskopu mi je pisalo, da so ti dnevi dobri za posel, zato sem se odločila, da bom verjela in vztrajala v tej vibraciji, yeah! Oh, danes sem po pošti dobila dve čudoviti obleki, ki mi ju je poslala bralka bloga. Ista punca, ki mi je poslala ovratnik, ki sem ga vam pokazala včeraj. Počutim se blagoslovljeno! Komaj čakam, da vam ju pokažem! Outfit, ki ga vidite na fotkah, sem imela oblečen v soboto. * * * I really had a beauty sleep, hah, 10 hours of it, yeah! So a while ago I drank coffee, since I’m planning to paint till one or two a.m. It was written in my horoscope that these days are good for bussines, so I decided to be in that vibe, yeah! Oh, today I got two gorgeous vintage dresses by mail from reader of my blog. The same girl that sent me the collar I showed you yesterday. I feel blessed! Can’t wait to show them to you! I wore the outfit you see on the pics on Saturday. LSFbyAnita 807 LSFbyAnita 814 LSFbyAnita 819 LSFbyAnita 827 Naslov posta je iz te pesmi od Seala. The post title is from this song by Seal





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