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Prejšnji torek smo bili jaz, Jure in dedek v igralnici. Dedek je namreč dobil darilni bon, tako da smo šli pogledat za kaj se gre. Upala sem, da bom zaslužila kaj dnarja za plačilo položnic, a nisem imela sreče 🙁 Ampak imam vsaj fotko z limuzino za seboj. To se ne zgodi vsak dan 😀 Last Tuesday were I, Jure and my grandfather in casino. Grandfather got a gift certificate for it, so we went check what’s all about. I hoped I will earn some money for paying my bills, but I had no luck :(  But at least I have a picture with limo behind me. That doesn’t happen everyday 😀 DSC00044DSC00048 DSC00047 DSC00045 DSC00052 (Vintage srajca; neznan šal in torbica; C&A krilo; Pull&Bear pas; H&M hlačne nogavice; Sweet Miss plašč; Cube čevlji) (Vintage shirt; unknown scarf and bag; C&A skirt; Pull&Bear belt; H&M tights; Sweet Miss coat; Cube shoes)   Hvala vsem za lepe komentarje na prejšnji post! Mi veliko pomenijo! Pomagate mi verjeti, da imam talent! Hvala! Thank you all for your nice comments on previous post! They mean a lot! You guys help me believe, that I have a talent! Thanks!





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