The coolest jeans jacket ever!

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DSC05636 Še en outfit od petka. To sem imela oblečeno zvečer in ponoči. Z Juretom sva namreč šla v Maribor, kjer sva se dobila s par prijatelji/cami. Super smo se imeli, smejali smo se do bolečin, haha. Res mam rada svojo družbo! Kodri so mi čez noč razpadli 😐 Oblečeno sem imela najbolj kul jeans jakno, kar sem jih kdaj videla. Vintage Mura. Našla sem jo pri babici. Takrat sem bila tako veselo vznemirjena, da sem jo mogla takoj pofotografirat in objavit na Life.Style.Fun. facebook strani. * * * Another outfit I wore at Friday, that time during the evening and night. I and Jure went to the city of Maribor (the second largest city in Slovenia) to met with some friends. We had good time, we laughed our asses off. I love my friends! Curls collapsed during the night 😐 I wore the coolest jeans jacket ever. It’s vintage Mura. I found it at grandma’s house. I was so excited that I had to took picture and showed it on Life.Style.Fun. facebook page. DSC05634 Tukaj lahko vidite, kako enostavno narediti malo črno oblekico | | Easy little black dress tutorial here DSC05631DSC05648DSC05627DSC05628DSC05641    DSC05638DSC05624DSC05650DSC05621 Žal mi je, da je tolko fotk v tem postu, ampak če so mi vse tako všeč! In hvala vam vsem, da klikate na ‘všeč mi je’ gumb pod mojimi posti.! Najboljši ste! Želim vam supadupa teden! * * * I’m sorry, because there is so many pics in this post, but I just love them all! And thank you for clicking the like button under my posts! You guys are the best! Have a supadupa week!





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