Copy/paste comments part II.

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So, guys, your opinions about my yesterday’s post were different. Some of you agree with me, some disagree and some have no opinion (they probably just watch the pictures or they left comment only for self promotion 😉
Maybe there was a missunderstanding as I didn’t said that I don’t like that people promote their blogs with comments (because almost all of us do that, me too) but my point was that I don’t like self-promotional copy/paste comments because is obvious that a human who gives such comments do not read what you write and maybe even doesn’t like the pictures or s(he) doesn’t even scroll through a page but (s)he will post a comment anyway (saying ‘Nice blog! Would you check out mine and follow?). It seems like a lie.
Or maybe am I too sensitive and I’m getting hurt because I and my blog seem not  interesting enough and this why some people do not want to take a minute and write a comment especially for me. Yes, that’s the main reason.
But I decided that won’t be on my nerves anymore, because  people do what they want to, so I’ll let them be copy/paste commentators, if this what they love to be. If they want an attention and if they give others an attention with lots of  copy/paste comments just because they that hardly want an attention back, they probably do really need  an attention. So, bless them all!
P.S.: If isn’t obvious enough yet, when I check comments on other blogs I prefer to see who’s behind a good comment than who’s behind a copy/paste comment.
P.S. II: When I once got a comment (probably was first on my blog of this kind) where some girl told me, that she will follow my blog and she asked me if I’m gonna follow her on bloglovin, I thought ‘Why not?’, so I started follow her, but then I checked her blog just once or twice, because it wasn’t enough interesting for my taste. So, the question is: Do you want  followers just for a number or do you want followers that are interested in your blog?
So, that was long. Thanks to everyone who read it. I do very appreciate that! If there are lots of language mistakes, please tell me.
So, on the bright side, I’ve made myself a playlist with some beautiful songs which are full of  positive energy and have a meaning. That’s the kind of music that I love the most. Most of them are in English, but some of them are in Slovenian (you can listen to them anyway). Gotta burn myself a CD with those songs, so I’ll enjoy my daily rides to school.

Hvala za komentarje na prejšnji post, super ste! (:
Ne bom prevajala zdaj vsega (vedno prvo napišem post v angleščini, ker če ga pišem v slovenščini, pletem bolj zapletene besedne zveze in ga potem ne znam prevest v angleščino). Itak pa se bolj tiče tujih bralcev/gledalcev. Me nismo ravno neke težke spamerke.
Danes sem si naredila seznam predvajanja poln čudovitih pesmi, ki so nabite s pozitivno energijo. Najraje imam glasbo te vrste. Poslušajte, če želite. Moram si speči CD s temi komadi, da bom uživala v dnevnih vožnjah v šolo.
DSC08598 DSC08599
Delala sem tudi na eni DIY zadevi. In sem jo morda malo zasrala. Bomo videli, kaj bom lahko naredila glede tega. Bom pokazala stvar naslednji teden.
Fajn se imejte in želim vam čim več lepih doživetij ta vikend!

I’ve been working on some DIY thing today. And maybe I screwed it up a little. We’ll see what I can do about it. I’ll show it next week.
Have fun and I wish you a lot of beautiful experiences at the weekend!





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  1. ohh my god. I'm actually so happy you wrote that post. I've been on blogspot for a while now and the only reason why I left it for around 4 months was because I used to comment a lot of people properly, read their posts and all so that I'd get some trafficing. And in return, I'd get all these comments like:

    omg you're blog is amazing. come check out mine!

    and seriously, I just got soo sick of the fake attitude so many people had. I completely agree with what you're saying, it's offensive to the blog owner.

    Your DIY looks amazing, I love the leaves, it's so perfect here in Australia cuz it's Spring.. out comes the sun and sunshine ahaha

  2. I FULLY understand where you are coming from – and while I try and reply to every comment that I receive, there are some that are just painstakingly obvious that they haven't read what you posted. Especially when you point out a spcific detail and it tends to be overlooked in their comment. Oh, the best ones – "great post, loved it! x"

    Haha oh dear.

  3. moram prav še enkrat komentirat :))
    spet se strinjam, popolnoma…
    in sama sem rajš še vedno tipična jaz, vedno bom pogledala blog od tistega ki je kometiral, če mi bo všeč bom spremljala, čene pa ne…in vedno bom z veseljem prebrala in odpisala na komentar, ki mi ga kdo pusti in ne zato ker to moram, ampak ker mi je lepo, ker rada navežem stik z ljudmi in ene začutiš tudi nazaj… :))
    pač pri meni ne gre le skozi um ampak tudi skozi srce…jebiga, tako je…

  4. i agree. whenever I see a generic comment that's completely irrelevant to my post along with a url, i will most likely just ignore it! If they dont give you the time of day to actually read what youre saying, then don't give them your attention at all!

    ps. love your stripey top, and what you did with it! 😉

    xx raez

  5. Tudi jaz se že nekaj časa spravljam k pisanju podobnega posta (o c/p komentarjih). Moja rešitev je, da takšnih komentarjev preprosto ne objavljam več.

  6. Oh Beba. The world is like it is, prej ko se sprijazniš lažje je. Vedno bodo obstajali ljudje, ki ne dajo kaj preveč na trud in osebno izražanje. Komentiranje blogov je tako postalo samo ogledalo naše družbe. Smešno kako se to lahko pokaže tudi na tak način. Napišeš kdaj zelo osebno besedilo in daš mogoče kakšno sliko in vse kar ti lahko nekdo napiše je Great pic!…ampak nikoli ne smeš nečesa takega osebno vzeti in se o tem kaj preveč ubadati. Oni so taki kot so, ti si taka kot si. Hvalabogu. Svet je tak kot je. Vedno pa bomo obstajali bralci, ki tudi z veseljem beremo bloge in nam spodbudijo razmišljanje. 🙂 Samo zavedati se moraš tega.


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