DIY: LBD made of two black tees

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DSC02189Obleci si črno majico. Na straneh pasne linije si naredi označbi. Sleci majico in na hrbtni strani nariši črto od ene označbe do druge. Naredi si novo oznako na polovici te črte. Vzemi eno raztegljivo kratko majico z ovalnim vratnim izrezom. Na sredini vratnega izreza zadaj si naredi oznako. Raztegljivo majico položi na prvo, tako da bosta sredinski označbi ena na drugi. Začni šivat po črti od sredine navzven do tam, kjer se začne rokav ob koncu ramena. Ponovi od sredine navzven še na drugo stran. Ko šivaš raztezaj raztegljivo majico in če je potrebno, ne-(oz. ne tako)raztegljivo majico rahlo gubaj. Na prednji strani ni potrebno šivati majic skupaj, razen, če seveda želiš. O, ja, preden sploh začneš si obleči raztegljivo majico kot krilo, da vidiš, če ti je prav. No, ne vem, koliko je zdaj vse to razumljivo, kajti meni se zdi čist lahko in logično. Tako da, če imate kakšno vprašanje, kar vprašajte. DSC02192 Put on a black T-shirt. Mark sides of the tee where your waiste line is. Take of the T shirt and draw a line on the back of it from one mark to another. Make a new mark on half of that line. Take one strechy T- shirt with round neck opening. Make a mark on the back of neck opening, in the middle of it. Put the strechy T-shirt on first one with middle marks together and start sewing by the line from the middle out, till where sleeve starts at the end of the shoulder of strechy tee. While sewing strech the strechy tee.If necessary wrinkle non-(or not so)strechy tee a bit. Repeat on the other side from the middle out. You don’t need to sew tees together on the front side. But you can if you want it too. Oh yes, before you even start try on strechy tee as a skirt to see if even fits you. Okay, I’m not sure how understandable that is, because it seems really easy and logical to me, so if you have any question just ask. DSC02187DSC02173






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  1. This is cool Beba 😀
    You are so innovative to have thought of such brilliant idea, love how it turned out 🙂

    Btw, love the polka skirt in the post below. You looked so sweet in it 🙂


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