DIY Wedges part II

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Fotke poteka. Vem, lahko bi malo boljše podokumentirala, ampak skoraj vedno pozabim naredit več fotk, žal mi je. Za te čevlje sem reciklirala stare sandale. Bili so številka 36, jaz pa nosim 39 ali 40, zato sem gor prilepila japonke. Kaj sem še reciklirala? Modre in črne kavbojke, sponke… Pojma nimam, kako jih naj nosim. V njih se počutim kot račka. Mislim, da se bom odločila, da še niso končani. Hm hm hm. * * * Pics of the process. Yeah, I could document everything a bit better, but I almost always forget to take more pictures, sorry. For these shoes I recycled some old sandals. As they were size 36 and I wear 39 or 40, I glued flip flops on them. What else I have recycled for these? Blue jeans, black jeans, buckles… I am not sure about how to wear them. I feel like a duck in them. I’ll probably decide they aren’t finished yet. Hm hm hm.   DSC05796    DSC05799DSC05800    DSC05801DSC05804    DSC05805DSC05813    DSC05814DSC05863    DSC05861 Nisem ravno prepričana v kombinacijo | | I’m not really sure about this combination DSC05864 Ni mi uspelo priti v Bloggers Wardrobe. Priznam, da sem razočarana. Ampak jebiga, takšno je pač življenje. I didn’t make it into Bloggers Wardrobe. I am dissapointed, I admit it. But fuck it, that’s life.





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