Hi there!

This is an archive of blog posts written by Anita Puksic from 2007 to 2019.

It was a journey…

-> from (almost) 17 year old fashion design student that started a blog thanks to Carrie Bradshaw
-> to personal style blogger whose main inspiration were vintage clothes found at grandma’s house
-> to idealistic young entrepreneur starting a brand with eco-friendly accessories back in 2012, sharing ups and downs, funs and funnots of solopreneurship
-> to burned-out weirdo who started to hate it all and disappeared to her cave, communicated mostly with her dog, Nature and handful of smart&creative people; occasionally stepping out of that cave full of skeletons just to retreat again
-> to a wise woman (I fucking hope so) who started rising from the ashes when the world for a change adjusted to her slow pace of living in 2020
-> that is now sharing her heroine’s journey and bits of wisdom you can probably relate to (if you have some self awareness) at anitapuksic.com

… on which I used to…

Bite off more than I could chew

I am still digesting.

Try my best to enjoy sometimes scary, sometimes exciting ride

Hoping to grow, learn what I need to learn and having tons of fun while doing so.

Throw it all out to the internet

Despite being a very private person. My posts were so personal, they seemed universal at times. Yep, I always felt the truth is inside the paradox.

To be honest, it was a wild ride.

And then I needed a lot of time (much more than I was comfortable needing)

Learn how to relax and just be

To let go of the feeling like I am responsible for everything that is happening or not happening on this planet.

And taking care only of my message.
(Always a work in progress).

Process it all

I was meditating, journaling, reading and learning like it’s my job.

Well, it kinda is.

Make sense of the journey

And create something that will help me and other creative, idealistic, smartass and at the same time woo woo human beings live by our values and shine our true selves into the world.

If you want to learn from my mistakes

(while still having the freedom to do yours)

give me your email address bellow and I will (sooner and later) send you the tools you can use to make your creative journey through life a little bit easier and a lot more fun (even if you are a fellow introvert).