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Month: October 2009


I made a terrarium. I got idea here, and tutorial here. I didn’t make it so beautiful but I’m happy with result anyway (: The big one is for my mum, she has b’day today, and the little one is for me (:


Astra, Pupa & Mufi

Astra, dog mamma, she has problems with gluttony, that’s why she is fat, she constantly follows my grandma, she didn’t feel like posing, probably she has complexes because of kilograms, she loves to give a paw. Pupa, she’s funny, she likes to jump on chair and sit there, she is a healer, she is licking grandma’s wounds on legs and she treats them like that. Mufi, he’s funny too, he got accident once but car didn’t hit him, he hit the car, haha :D. If I don’t get out of the house, he opens the door and looks inside, and…

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Mum’s brooch and blouse

(H&M dress, tights, ‘gold’ bracelet and coat; Tally Weijl belt and brown shirt; Ali Star shoes; 1st and last bracelet are friend’s gift; vintage brooch) This brooch was from my mum. I found it on her old blouse. I think it’s wonderful. My mum often wore this blouse when I was little. I like this bow collar very much.



(Tally Weijl gray shirt; H&M hat and shoes; vintage T-shirt; Pull&Bear scarf; Bershka pants; DIY belt; pepermint brooch) (Vintage shirt; C&A belt; H&M hat; Josh’ Bag scarf; Oviesse jeans; Graceland shoes)


Is there life before the death ?

Is there life before the death (?) (Vintage pullover, no name scarf; Stradivarius coat; Passiontex jeans; Graceland shoes) (Tally Weijl shirt; Zara dress; H&M pants, scarf and coat; Ali Star shoes; Sewa bag) I’m afraid to start write last time because I don’t want to fall in and I don’t want spend too much time by computer. That would mean less time for me. And I’m busy with remodeling mental and emotional patterns in my system (:



I decided to change the name of my blog. The old name ‘Jaz in Jaz’ means ‘Me and I’ and it’s from times when I was writing mainly (not posting outfits). Last few months I felt like name isn’t right anymore. And I finally changed it. Maybe there will be some other changes too. Have life, style and fun! ;))

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Me and my bicycle

(Ex Jure’s T-shirt, C&A belt, Adidas bag, Oviesse jeans, Pull&Bear shoes, bicycle is friend’s gift) These are my new jeans pants. They cost 20 euro. I like them because they aren’t  “teared” and “washed off”. Have a nice week!