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Month: November 2009

Mood: busy

(H&M hat, tee and tights; vintage blouse; C&A belt and skirt; Ali Star shoes) I’m always busy with something, but it seems like there’s no result.  What if we could add 2 hours to every day?



(No name pullover; H&M hat; vintage scarfes; Oviesse jeans; Stradivarius coat; Graceland shoes) (H&M hat and tights; vintage blouse; Zara dress; vintage belt; Pull&Bear shoes) I love nature.


Some secondhand and vintage clothes and funny lips thing

Hellow my lovely people! (: How are you? I hope you are creating, I hope beautiful things in your heads are being transformed into palpable articles. If not, start work something! This is definitely  for me too 😀 Look at this pullover! Isn’t it wonderful? I put it on at home on Monday and I found out that is too nice to wear it at home only. So I wore it to school the next day. (Vintage shirt; Tally Weijl; Passiontex jeans) I think this shirt was my father’s once but I’m not sure. It’s so good that you can…



(Tally Weijl pullover; Stradivarius coat; Josh’ Bag scarf; H&M narrow scarf; Oviesse jeans; no name hat; Cube shoes) (Vintage blouse; Zara pullover; Pull&Bear scarf; H&M hat; Oviesse jeans; Stradivarius coat; Graceland shoes)


DIY: blouse

I removed sleeves from mum’s old blouse. I made 3 semicircles out of each sleeve and I sewed it to the straps. Of course I forgot to take some more pictures during the process 😐 (DIY blouse; Cecil green pullover; H&M scarf; C&A belt) Have a nice week!