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Month: November 2014

Art + music + cool people + coctails. Is there anything better? Tomorrow!!

So, if you happen to be in Maribor tomorrow, come on over! You are invited by me! The spotlight is on my work and work of two others awesome artists from Ptuj. We are all young, talented and full of secrets. You wanna meet us! C’mon! I’ll get you a drink! And we will dance! Woohoo! House music, no crap. * * * Če boste jutri v Mariboru, pridite v Niagaro. Od 18. ure dalje, se bomo tam predstavljali trije ptujski umetniki. Vsi smo mladi in polni skrivnosti. Res si nas želite spoznati! Pridite! Bom vam poskusila priskrbet pijačo! In…

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GIVEAWAY: 3 Ptice “This ain’t no time to sit around cryin’ like a bunch of pussies” tote bag

I usually don’t do giveaways, but when I do, I give away something awesome! So if you want this tote bag, go over to ODDS&ENDS and join the giveaway! Act fast! Big thanks to Gita for hosting the giveaway on her blog! P.S.: If you just want the bag and don’t care about the giveaway, go get it here. *** Ponavadi ne delam nagradnih iger, ampak ko jih, podarim nekaj, kar hočeš v svoji lasti. Tako da skoči na ODDS&ENDS in se pridruži nagradni igri. Hitro! In velik hvala Giti, da gosti tole nagradno igro na svojem blogu! P.S.: Če…

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1st day without facebook felt like a week

Hello fellas! I’ll be really quick today, no kidding! I had the longest day ever today! I’ve done so many things, work out, gave people my attention, had awesome talk with my aunt, vacuumed the house, we celebrated my grandma’s 80 Birthday, I had an afternoon nap, went for two walks – watched the sunrise and sunset, baked apple muffins, and now I’m even writing the post. With very sleepy eyes! I guess that happens if you quit facebook. The day that feels like a week, because you make time for so many things! So I’ll just leave you with…


Magic words and dr.Nature

Took this pic in the morning. I just love misty autumn mornings. Woke up early just to have more hours in day to feel shitty. Tried to heal myself. Felt more and more depressed in attempt to do so. Decided to meditate. Fall asleep in five minutes. Still felt like shit. Then I said magic words. Fuck it. I feel like a looser. Fuck it. I feel fake. Fuck it. I don’t feel like it. Fuck it. Everything sucks. Fuck it. Other people know it better. Fuck it. I feel stupid. Fuck it. Life is not fair. Fuck it. I’m…