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Month: January 2015

An open letter to intellectuals

  I was afraid to publish this post. I don’t know why. I was very inspired (how could I not be when I was in company of so many incredible folks during that day) when I was writing it and I felt totally me. So, here we go: You know people, sometimes I have a very long day, but cannot sleep. Not because I would worry so much, but because I feel so inspired. There are such intense feelings in my heart and my wonderful brain translate them into thoughts and words. And from one thought comes another and so…


Cool people wearing 3 Ptice: Maja,

Photo: Maja Švener, Proud announcement! One of the most successful slovenian female entrepreneur wears 3 Ptice tote bag with a word “intuition”! Maja Švener owns a company which sells make-up, and even though I’m not into make-up (lipstick is enough for me), I totally dig reading interviews with her, because she gives honest answers from which every entrepreneur can learn a freaking lot! What she says about her 3 Ptice tote bag? “Anita, thank you for such a wonderful bag! It goes with me at work everyday and to the market at Saturdays. I will order another one soon.”…

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“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” -Oprah Winfrey

Hello, birdies. Just a quickie today, as I had a long (but joyful) day and I long for shower, meditation and sleep (: I just want to share with you this awesome guided meditation by Christy Whitman, which I did in the morning and it was fantastic! It’s about setting the intention for the feeling/energy you want to go with through the year. I highly recommend it! And you can see in the title what’s my choice of energy I intend to experience a lot in this year and already did during this day (I run out of the house…


This is how we will roll in 2015

My dear birdies! I have some wishes for you (and me) in 2015 and I’m gonna tell them with a help of my 3 Ptice tote bags. I wish you, to go out of your comfort zone quite often. To have courage say ‘yes’ to things that feel right to your soul and to say ‘no’ to the things that shrinks your soul. Drage moje ptičice! Imam nekaj želja za vas (in tudi zase) v 2015. In povedala vam jih bom s pomočjo mojih 3 Ptice torbic. Želim vam, da greste kar se le da pogosto iz cone udobja. Želim…