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Month: November 2016

Pre New Year Anxiety

It’s like this. When the new year or my personal new year (birthday) is coming closer, I get this urge, that I should change something. Better myself before the date comes. I had such an amazing year, yet I’m getting anxious. I so much wanna end it with a bang. Get rid of that debt completely, learn the Italian already, start waking up early, regular exercise, start taking healthy food to my workshop… Huh, I’m putting that pressure on me throughout a whole year, actually. Always trying to be better. To deserve my own love. Even putting a pressure on…

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My car got broken. And I’m happy.

I’m back to regular blogging. This time for real! I was totally inspired yesterday, when I was listening the interview that Marie Forleo had with Seth Godin. And today I checked out his blog after a very long time and I was like “I can do this too!”. And even got an inspiration for a new slogan for my tote bag. I’m really great right now. The last month wasn’t really good in terms of sales, thanks to my travelling, not being enough present on social media, period and  winter blues.   Two weeks ago in Porto. Cannot believe how much…

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