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Month: March 2017

Life, lately

Hello, my dear People. As I told before, with the spring came back my joy for life. Now I would like to share some pieces of my life with you. This joy of sharing also came back. In the winter time, I felt like I have nothing valuable to say. Now I know again, that whatever I say, might bring some value to somebody, even if it’s a just a tiny little bit of it. And even if it’s not bringing value to somebody else, it’s still bringing value to me, because I express myself. Yeeha! And then I feel…


Check this out: Ecofriendly drawstring backpacks.

You see, spring is in the town and I am full of motivation and dedication to my work again. I’m back to believing that what I do is good and important for the world. Is eco-friendly fashion important for the world? Hell yes! You see, we as humans won’t just stop consuming stuff. I mean, it’s amazing to get yourself something new, we all agree on that. But if we want to reverse climate, we should be as conscious as possible around what we buy. And here I come in the game! I made eco-friendly drawstring backpacks for you guys!…

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