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Month: April 2017


So. I realised this two days ago. How it is with your life goals. It’s like if you want to go to Radovljica (a town in Slovenia that I want to visit), you don’t freak out that you might never get there. You don’t say “I’m not worthy of going there.” You don’t say “It’s not possible to go there.” You don’t say “It’s possible for other people, better people, but it’s not possible for me to get there.” You don’t freak out, because you are not there yet. You are not afraid, that Radovljica will get erased from the planet…

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Bring into the fruition what you promised to yourself

Bellow is a note from my phone that I wrote on 11th of July, 2016. I just meant to write down one sentence, but hen it started flowing out of me or maybe through me. It still hits me everytime I read it. It was very intimate to me, but now I decide to share it. Enjoy.   Give and bring into the fruition what you promised to yourself. But don’t make a too big deal out of it. Just be that person. This is who you are if you aspire to it. Give it a try and feel the difference.…

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Aha moment: Why do you want to buy my things?

I just had an aha moment that I have to share! I was journaling on the questions from mindset training in the mastermind I’m in. (It’s The High Vibe Mastermind from Kat Loterzo, if you are wondering, it’s really fricking high vibe). Why is this (freedom -> being at the right place, at the right time, doing the thing I feel is right for me at the moment) important to you was the question and my answer was because I want to live life on my terms. And then came to me fear around calling in my ideal customers (I felt…

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