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Month: September 2017

I am sitting here

Typing these words to get some clarity. To decide, whether is the best thing to do now to clean my studio (it needs some fresh space, so I can breathe and create) or go to town for a coffee and to buy some bread and humus or maybe meditate or just go back to bed, because I have a sore throat. Overwhelmed by choices, that all seem such a right thing to do. But for now, I’m just gonna sit here and type these words, with my dog in my lap (he’s chewing my sweater). Yesterday I felt this pain…

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Another 10 things about me

I found this post in my drafts. Decided to post it now. 10 THINGS ABOUT ME 1. I always change and always stay the same. 2. I can appear very self assured, yet I am always questioning myself. 3. I have love hate relationship with social media. 4. I am a pretty great listener, but sometimes I have to tell people to shut the fuck up already, because I have something to say too. And then I forget what I had to say, because I am surprised at myself that I actually told them to stfu. 5. Oh, yes, I…

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My dog still loves me

I bought tobacco again. My dog still loves me. I didn’t pay the rent. My dog still loves me. I am ashamed of myself. My dog still loves me. I feel bipolar. On top of the world and then at the bottom of the sea. My dog don’t care. My dog still loves me. I don’t know proper English. I still write and my dog still loves me. I have this inner fight, mitote in my head. (as I was looking for a definition of mitote for you, I found this gorgeous photography blog). My dog still loves me. I…

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