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Month: January 2018

“Why are you singing all the time?”

My boyfriend: “Why are you singing all the time?” (Humming, actually). Me: “Because I am happy.” Him: “It’s the same when you are nervous.” Me: “That’s because when I am nervous, I am calling my happy with this song and when I am happy I am confirming it.” That humming has kinda the same melody and it’s not from an actual song. It comes out of me at different times. Sometimes it takes epic dimensions, when I am humming for more than an hour together and crying and releasing and calling back pieces of myself through different time-spaces. It saved…

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What do you wish for the world? Give it to yourself.

I realised that sometimes I deprive myself of the things I want because there are others in the world who don’t have as much as I do. I deprive myself even of wanting something in the first place, because it makes me feel greedy. That’ why I wrote this blog post. For all of you who love this planet and wish everyone good but sometimes forget about yourself. This blog post is going to help you come in touch with what you want, how can you give it to yourself and acknowledge where are you already excelling. Which will make…

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