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Month: June 2018

As a child I sometimes felt like a ping pong ball between my mother and father.

They didn’t want to talk with each other sometimes, so I went from one to another and told what the other one say and ask if it’s true. And I would repeat it countless times to figure out what is the truth. At times I would conclude that they are both idiots, haha, overcomplicating things, when actually what we all wanted was to be loved and do things together. At times I felt like a victim because of these circumstances in my life and I am not denying they affected me and shaped me as a person. But today I…

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She is a (anti)personal brand. When she dies, she won’t be able to enjoy her legacy that’s why she does not care much about it now. She wants a life well lived. Maybe this could be a legacy? Well, fuck it, she is sick of listening about personal branding, niching, legacy, authority, so she will stop thinking about these things. Otherwise she is holding the space for the planet of peace and freedom. And humans beings being human beings to human beings. Her career started when she was born. She didn’t cry a lot because she was mostly observing this…

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