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Month: December 2018

I was raised as a Catholic… post about different names for the same things).

I was raised as a Catholic. It was a religion that grandparents on the both sides of the family were in and perhaps they influenced my parents to continue the tradition.   So we went to the church on every Sunday. Of course it was super boring for a kid. So I was asking my mother about time all the time. When it’s gonna be over? Also leaving out of my body disgusting silent farts.   If I didn’t practice mindfulness and trying to listen, I went into my inner world in church. In my fantasy world. I would just…

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Trying to manifest a partner? Maybe my story will inspire you.

For anyone who is trying to manifest a partner (or improve the relationship with a partner), maybe my story will inspire you. I had some painful experiences around love as a teenager. Part of me is like, lol, you were just a teenager, of course you did have bad experiences. But another part of me knows better. When something hurts, it hurts no matter the age. Being betrayed hurts when you are kid, hurts when you are in your teens, hurts when you are an adult. I already started reading woo woo (isn’t it cute, woo woo? I am quite…

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