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Art + music + cool people + coctails. Is there anything better? Tomorrow!!

niagara the double So, if you happen to be in Maribor tomorrow, come on over! You are invited by me! The spotlight is on my work and work of two others awesome artists from Ptuj. We are all young, talented and full of secrets. You wanna meet us! C’mon! I’ll get you a drink! And we will dance! Woohoo! House music, no crap. * * * Če boste jutri v Mariboru, pridite v Niagaro. Od 18. ure dalje, se bomo tam predstavljali trije ptujski umetniki. Vsi smo mladi in polni skrivnosti. Res si nas želite spoznati! Pridite! Bom vam poskusila priskrbet pijačo! In plesali bomo! Woohoo! House music, no crap.

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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