#ArtJewelryChallenge: Beware of artist, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous

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Yeeey, I finally realised this tote bag! I wanted to put this print on a tote bag for so long! Will list it to 3 Ptice shop on Etsy soon, so stay tuned 😉

There’s an #ArtJewelryChallenge going on Facebook and I decided to take it to the next level and also showcase my work here on my blog for five days in a row.
So what are the rules?
For 5 days, the nominated artist will show of her/his pieces, and also nominate one other artist every day to do the same.
So, thanks to Patsy and Unikat by Amadeja for the nomination, and today I nominate Fino Fino. beware of artists (1)


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