“Beauty is not caused. It is.”–Emily Dickinson

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Fotografije postanka ob Blaguškem jezeru iz včerajšnjega road tripa z Juretom. Kak so lepi grdi rački! 😀 To je že tretji post danes, ker sem želela čimprej objavit outfite od vikenda, saj si ta teden planiram malo oddiha od interneta. In malo več uživanja v branju in naravi. Ter morda še kak dan posta, da se malo sčistim. Uživajte, bodite srečni! Pictures from yesterday’s road trip with Jure. How cute are ugly ducklings! 😀 This is 3rd post today, because I wanted to post my weekend outfits as soon as possible, because I’m planning a little break off with internet. And a bit more joy in reading and in nature. And maybe a day of fasting to clean my body a bit. Enjoy and be happy! Grdi račkiDSC03462 Blaguško jezero | | Blaguš Lake DSC03468(Vintage srajca; H&M majica; Passiontex jeans; Graceland čevlji; torbica darilo prijateljice) (Vintage shirt; H&M tee; Passiontex jeans; Graceland shoes; bag gift from friend) DSC03474DSC03461


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