Black Swan

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Wohoo! Hahah 😀 Danes se super počutim! Včeraj sem gledala Črnega laboda. Fuck. Po 20-ih  minutah sem skoraj nehala, ker mi je bilo slabo zraven. Preveč se vživim. Ampak sem ga vseeno gledala do konca in je res dober film. Toda če bi mi kdo povedal več o scenah v njem, ga verjetno ne bi gledala. Haha. Danes bom dokončala eno sliko in vam jo pokažem zvečer ali pa jutri (: Uživajte!   Wohoo! Hahah 😀 I’m feeling good today! I watched the Black Swan yesterday. Fuck. I thought about stopping it after 20 minutes because it made me feel sick. I symphathise too much. But I watched it to the end anyway and is really a good movie. But if someone told me more about scenes in movie, I probably wouldn’t watch it. Haha. I’m going to finish a painting today and I will show it to you in the evening or tomorrow (: Have fun! DSC00646DSC00649DSC00659DSC00652(Vintage oblekca, pas in suknjič; Oviesse jeans in kapa; Stradivarius plašč; Pull&Bear scarf; Cube čevlji; broška p-e-p-e-r-m-i-n-t) (Vintage dress, belt and blazer; Oviesse jeans and cap; Stradivarius coat; Pull&Bear scarf; Cube shoes; p-e-p-e-r-m-i-n-t brooch) DSC00660DSC00653DSC00663


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