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Nekaj fotografij iz bivalnega seminarja z duhovno univerzo, na katerem sem bila pred nekaj tedni. Tole je bil res takšen super, brezskrben vikend. Bivali smo v hotelu Ribno (2 km iz Bleda) in uživali v meditacijah, zanimivih predavanjih, dobri družbi, čudoviti naravi in zelo okusni hrani. Popolno. * * * Few pics from the living seminar I was at few weeks ago with my spiritual university. It was such a great, carefree weekend. We stayed at hotel Ribno, that’s 2 km out of Bled (very popular turistic spot in Slovenia). We enjoyed in meditations, interesting lectures, good company, beautiful nature and very delicious food. Perfect. lifestylefun 177lifestylefun 178lifestylefun 179lifestylefun 183lifestylefun 188 (Picture taken by my classmate Vesna) lifestylefun 201lifestylefun 209


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