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DSC01311DSC01320DSC01322 DSC01331

(H&M pullover, Zara harem pants, vintage jacket, scarf from some stall by the sea, Graceland sneakers)

On Saturday, Jure’s father was competing in veteran’s athletics, in Judenburg, Austria. We were also there, taking pictures and cheering him on. We went out later that night and then I added the hat to my outfit. DSC01368DSC01363 DSC01376 DSC01378DSC01407(T-shirt, shoes, headband and bag are from H&M, secondhand shirt, Oviesse pants, bracelet is friend’s gift, The Miss sunglasses, belt is from some bag)

Me and Jure bought paint for my room yesterday and then we went for a pizza.

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. You have such a unique style and i ADORE the trainers on the first set of pictures 🙂 <33

  2. so cuteeee! i lvoe your green scarf, compliments your red hair!

    xx raez

  3. i love the way you put things together!

  4. Both great outfits! The first set of photos with the sneakers look so fun! xx

  5. beautiful pictures! you are absolutely stunning! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! thank you for the lovely comment! wanna swap links? i added you already 😉

  6. ušeč so mi harem hlače iz zare,
    mam podobne iz zare sam da so kariraste 🙂
    ušeč so mi tvoji šulenčki iz druge serije fotk, tiste sive in morem rečt da se supr oblačiš 😉

  7. Love these looks, darling!
    Those colorful sneakers in the first set of pics are awesome!


  8. Zadnji outfit my take peace&love deluje!:D Ful fajni:!!

  9. Love your trainers! And your hair colour is fabulous!

  10. omg! ur sneakers r awesome…

  11. Those colors look great with your hair! Especially the green.

  12. Your style is so unusual and you look so cool! You own your own look:)
    Not to mention look super happy in these pics!

  13. love the photos and also the outfits ! 😀

  14. the graceland sneakers are soo gogeous<3
    wish i had a pair of those


  15. wowowow in love with ur nike shoes :DD,.<3333

    especially ur scarf is a great one .!!

    are u a sceater gurl,.?oh cool .

  16. Hehe, Graceland shoes girl 😀
    And I'm not a skater girl, I gave up skate because of too slow advance, but I feel comfortable in baggy clothes (:

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