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DSC07221DSC07225DSC07223 DSC07224 Res redko pokažem sliko svojega profila, ker imam komplekse glede svojega nosa. Ampak je čas, da ga preprosto sprejmem takšnega kot je, ker je moj, lahko diham z njim, Jureta ne moti in moj obraz je vseeno lep! I really rarely show pictures of me taken by a side, so you can see my profile. This is because I have complexex about my nose. But it’s time to just accept it as it is, because is mine, I can breath with it, Jure doesn’t bother about it and my face looks pretty anyway! DSC07222 (DIY majica; vintage kratke hlače; Adidas torba; Graceland čevlji) (DIY top; vintage shorts; Adidas bag; Graceland shoes) Tale majica je bila puli, preden sem jo preuredila. V soboto sem zadela vstopnico za Laibach, ki bojo tole soboto na Ptuju. Tudi kolegica je bila izžrebana, ampak je dala vstopnico Juretu, tako da imava oba zastonj vstopnice. Super! (Prvo sem mislila, da sem zadela izlet v Benetke in sem bila čist iz sebe, hah, ampak vstopnice so tudi vredu, vsaj zadela sem nekaj!) That top was rollneck jumper before I edit it. On the Saturday I won free ticket for a concert and my friend had been lotted too, but she gave ticket to Jure, so we both have free tickets. Great! (At first I thought I had won trip to Venice and I was totally out of my mind, hah, but the tickets are cool too, at least I won something!)


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  1. You are right, you are pretty the way you are… 🙂
    and Im sorry but I dont see anything wrong wih your nose? sometimes its all in our heads, and we tend to be very hard on ourselves..

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