Blue-blue-blue-bluetiful part II

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DSC07271DSC07273 Smehahaha | | Laughahaha  DSC07276(Juretova Converse majica; Oviesse kavbojke; Graceland čevlji; vintage jopa iz druge [babičine] roke; C&A pas; Adidas torba) (Jure’s Converse T-shirt; Oviesse jeans; Graceland shoes; vintage secondhand [grandma’s hand] cardigan; C&A belt; Adidas bag)DSC07321 Jaz ponovno oblečena v modro barvo (in v naslednjem postu bom tudi). Ne razumem, zakaj ‘being blue’ pomeni, da je nekdo žalosten/depresiven, če pa je toliko lepih modrih stvari. Pomen besede moder v slovenščini pa mi je zelo všeč. I’m wearing blue again (and in the next post I’ll be in blue colour, too). I don’t understand, why ‘being blue’ means that is someone sad/depressed, because there are so many nice blue things. In our (Slovenian language) has blue much better meaning, if we say about someone ‘(s)he is blue’, it means ‘(s)he is wise’.  I like that.


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