By the Drava river: Limbuško nabrežje

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Moje trenutno razpoloženje? Toliko idej, toliko stvari za naredit, tako malo časa. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!
My current mood? So many ideas, so many things to do, so little time. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!
LSFbyAnita 1296 LSFvintage LSFbyAnita 1297LSFvintageDIYnecklaceVerižica iz recikliranih majic na voljo tukaj  | | DIY necklace made of old topsLSFbyAnita 1316 LSFvintage1 LSFbyAnita 1317 LSFvintage2
(Vintage majica in kratke hlače; Adidas tote torba; DIY verižica; sandali ne vem kateri) (Vintage top and high waisted shorts; Adidas tote bag; DIY necklace; unknown sandals)
LSFbyAnita 1318 LSFbyAnita 1319 LSFbyAnita 1321 LSFvintageportrait LSFbyAnita 1320 LSFbyAnita 1322


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