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Even better than vacation is returning back home and seeing your family. Even better than vacation is seeing your dog after a week and watching him go crazy, because he is so happy to see you. Even better than vacation is seeing your neighbors and having little cute heartfelt small talk. Even better than vacation is returning to your little house and loving the smell old houses have. Even better than vacation is going to the garden in the morning and seeing that Mother Nature took awesome care of it when you were gone. Even better than vacation is drinking…

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We went to: Venice, Italy

My dear people, I want to let you know, that I am alive. I don’t write much lately, because so much it’s happening. This month of April isn’t even over, yet I can tell it was the wildest April of my life so far. The picture above from Peggy Guggengheim Museum perfectly picture my current reality. In the first weekend I went to Venice, Italy, with my dear friend Tjaša Čuš and another friend of her. Tjaša had her first solo exhibition in a foreign country there! I’m so freaking proud of her! So happy to be her friend! You…

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We went to: Island Krk, Croatia. Yep, in October.

A post was written. The computer decided to freeze. A post was lost. So just the point of the lost post: I’m so glad I took a week off, because I’m so full of fresh energy now! Yeeha!   Crazy happy at the end of the longest pier I have ever seen. That would be my to go place for meditation if I lived there. The Biserujka cave. One of 54 kras caves in Krk. That’s the only one open for public. Here I went swimming in cold cold water. But it was still fantastic! I love that feeling that…


We went to Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia

Tonight I wear big woolen socks in front of the computer, drink tea and wonder about the autumn. I’m making plans, thinking about buying yet another planner (it looks almost perfect!). Feeling like watching TV series again… The sky is getting more and more beautiful, sunsets lately are pure joy…. I’ve seen more of Slovenia this year than usual. Well, it’s a tiny country, but there’s much to see. Unless you are of those people who always complain… Then you probably don’t see much beauty, no matter where you go. So, my man and I went to Slovenska Bistrica last…


How we went to Zagreb, Croatia

Going back to regular blogging is harder than I thought. I was not a lot on the internet during this summer.  And I really liked it!  Now I’m kinda scared of settling back into old habits when you plan on being productive and then you find yourself scrolling Facebook feed for more than one hour… Okay, now let’s go to Zagreb.  That’s where this summer of mine became interesting. I went there with my friend Tjaša Čuš. There was an exhibition of national European flags through eyes of the artists. And she made the dopest flag. I found some other…

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