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DSC07370DSC07372 DSC07373 (Vintage Pletenina kratke hlače;  Accessories torbica; H&M majca; Pull&Bear čevlji) (Vintage shorts; Accessories clutch; H&M tee; Pull&Bear shoes) V petek sva z Juretom preživela popoldan s Tino in Samotom, zelo dobrima prijateljema. Kot vedno smo se zelo zabavali, pogovarjali, smejali in bili srečni. Ni druge možnosti kot preprosto imeti rad nekatere ljudi. At Friday I and Jure were hanging out with Tina and Samo, our very good friends. As always we had a lot of fun, talks, laugh and happieness. You have no other choice than just love some people. DSC07374 DSC07376 DSC07378DSC07379 DSC07381 DSC07383 DSC07384DSC07385 DSC07388 DSC07391 DSC07397 DSC07401DSC07402DSC07386 DSC07387 Ja, kaj niso tele kratke hlače nore? Obožujem jih! Doma sem jih našla, seveda. Oh, and aren’t these shorts crazy? I love, love them! I found them at home, of course.


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