Day to night: vintage white dress

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Ja, na morju sem bila! Od srede do petka. Danes ali pa jutri vam bom pokazala več fotografij in povedala kaj več o vsem skupaj. To belo oblekco je moja mama imela oblečeno na drugi dan svoje poroke! * * * Yes, I was at the seaside! From Wednesday till Friday. I will show you more pictures and tell you more about it today or tomorrow. That white dress my mother wore at the second day of her wedding! vintage white dress dayvintage white dress(Vintage oblekca; Sewa torba; ne spomnim se sandali) (Vintage dress; Sewa bag; unknown sandals) vintage vhite dress night(Vintage obleka; Zara jopčka; H&M torbica; Deichmann čevlji) (Vintage dress; Zara cardigan; H&M bag; Deichmann shoes)


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