DIY: cut out shoulders

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f7422784Kakšen mesec nazaj sem si naredila srajco z luknjami na ramenih. Navdihnil me je DIY od Vani. Poglejte si njen blog The dressing booth. Nisem si želela kupit srajce, samo zato, da bi jo predelala. A sem imela kot ponavadi srečo in sem našla pravi kos za ta DIY projektič, ko sem pregledovala kaj se skriva v eni omari, v kateri je nekoč ata imel svoja oblačila. Na enem žepu srajce je bila luknjica, zato sem naredila srček in ga prišila nanjo. Oblečeno sem imela v Zagreb, ko sva z Juretom šla pogledat, kaj se dogaja na INDUSTRIJA. No, kaj mislite o mojem DIY-u? * * * About  a month or so ago I have made myself a DIY cut out shoulders shirt. I was inspired by the DIY made by Vani. Check out her blog The dressing booth. I didn’t want to buy a jeans shirt, just to cut it. But as usual I had luck of finding the right piece for this project, when I was checking one closet in which my father had had his clothes. The shirt had a little hole on one of the pockets, so I made a heart and sew it on it. I wore it to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, when I and Jure went to see what’s going on at INDUSTRY. So, what do you think about my DIY? f6616448 f6625152 f6633728              f6641984 f6978752f7431104f7013184 f7030720


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