DIY: torn vintage dress to high waisted skirt

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Tale vintage obleka se je strgala na ramenu… This vintage dress had been torn on the shoulder… DSC05620 … zato sem jo spremenila v visoko krilo (:  In sem prav ponosna! (: … that’s why I changed it in high waisted skirt (: And I’m really proud! (: DSC05712DSC05720 DSC05721DSC05722 (DIY krilo; vintage torbica; Pull&Bear čevlji; H&M majica) (DIY skirt; vintage bag; Pull&Bear shoes; H&M top)


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  1. Super ideja za DIY! In ta pisana ponudba Pull & Bear me matra že kakšen mesec, težko je najti nedolgočasno obutev za vsak dan.

  2. This is uber creativeness 🙂
    I would have never thought of that! The top will thank you for it 🙂

    I like how it looks now, cute.


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