DIY tutorial: A lace plate made of DAS clay

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DIY clay plate Tale čipkasti krožniček sem naredila pred kakšnim mesecem, a mi ga nekako še ni uspelo objaviti. No, bolje pozno kot nikoli. I made this small lace plate about a month ago, but somehow didn’t managed to post it. Better late than never. diy clay lace plate supplies Kaj boste potrebovali: DAS ali katero drugo maso, kavni krožniček, čipko in kakšno skodelico. What you’ll need: DAS or some other air drying clay, coffee plate, lace  and cup or something like it. Koraki | | Steps: diy DAS masa krožniček 1. Dosti lažje je delat z DAS maso, če jo zmehčate. Malo jo sploščite, pošpricajte z vodo in dajte v mikrovalovno za kakšnih 40 sekund. Nato jo zlahka dovolj sploščite s skodelico, brez da bi morali gledati, kako vse razpada. 1. It’s much easier to work with this clay if you flat it a bit, then drop some water on it and put it in microwave for like 40 seconds. Then you can easy flaten it enough with a cup, without watching it falling apart.  diy das lace plate steps diy clay plate steps 2. Zdaj vzemite krožniček in z njim izrežite krog iz mase. 2. Now take a coffee plate and cut out a circle with it. DIY das clay plate lace 3. Vzemite čipko in jo pritisnite na maso. 3. Take a lace and press it into clay. diy 4. Sedaj dajte ta krog iz mase na kavni krožičniček, da bo dobil njegovo obliko in pustite, da se zadeva kakšen dan (na radiatorju manj) suši. Potem vzemite vaš novi krožniček iz kavnega in ga pobarvajte z akrili ali vodenimi barvicami. Ali pa ga pustite kar v naravni barvi. In to je to! 4. Now put your clay circle into a coffee plate, so it will have a shape of it and then let it dry for a day or so. Or less on a heater. Then take it out of the coffee plate and paint it with acrylics or water colours or just leave it the way it is. And that’s it. DIY tutorial DAS lace plate


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