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Sreda zjutraj in zgodaj popoldne. Wednesday, in the morning and early afternoon. DSC05238 (Tunika Zara; kratke hlače New Yorker; hlačne nogavice in trak v laseh H&M; čevlji Pull&Bear) (Zara tunic; New Yorker shorts; H&M tights and headband; Pull&Bear shoes) In sreda popoldan in zgodaj zvečer. And Wednesday afternoon and early evening. DSC05270 (Klobuk in čevlji H&M; blazer iz druge roke; torbica vintage; tunika Zara; jeans Passiontex) (H&M hat and shoes; secondhand blazer; vintage bag; Zara tunic; Passiontex jeans) Jaz sem samo sanjač. Preveč sanjam. In premalo delam. Res se želim izboljšati v spreminjanju mojih sanj v resničnost… I’m just a dreamer. I dream too much. And I work too little. I really want to improve myself in turning my dreams into reality…


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