“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward” –Victor Kiam

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vintage top floral shorts(Vintage majica in kratke hlače; secondhand sandali) (Vintage top and floral shorts; secondhand sandals)
vintage secondhand swap DIYscrunchie ears (3 Ptice gumica; Revlon šminka) (3 Ptice scrunchie; Revlon lipstick)
mixing patterns moji mali čudeži 3 Ptice
(Neon prstan Moji mali čudeži; kamena strela prstan 3 Ptice) (Neon ring by Moji mali čudeži, quartz one from 3 Ptice)
Life.Style.Fun. outfit mandala tote

Detajl s 3 Ptice vrečke | | A detail from 3 Ptice tote

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