Flash blogger meet up II

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Tukaj lahko vidite uradne fotke našega blogerskega srečanja (: Here you can see the official pictures of the flash blogger meet up (: 251656_194695363909741_184183344960943_511563_5574391_nEva (Dressful), Irena (Running in my heels), Manca (Mancinas styling spot) and I 258225_194694193909858_184183344960943_511530_1195549_o(Vintage majica in kratke hlače; H&M klobuk in torbica; Graceland čevlji; DIY verižica) (Vintage tee and shorts; H&M hat and bag; Graceland shoes; DIY necklace) 254590_194694570576487_184183344960943_511540_2108134_nIrena, jaz, Saša (Duckalicious), Manca


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