FROM ME, THROUGH ME, FOR ME: I don’t have to prove anything anymore.

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I don’t have to prove anything anymore.

Because I proved it already.

To myself.

I proved it to myself that I can choose me.

I proved it to myself, that I can stand being ridiculed, laughed at,

told that I am wrong,

that I am never gonna make it,

told that I don’t do enough,

told that I cannot have it my way.

I heard it all.

In my face, behind my back, in my head.

And I proved it to myself.

That I can let it in.

That I can let it hurt.

And even enjoy it.

Not because I am masochist.

But because I am human. Or having human experience. Both.

And I proved it to myself.

That I can shine.

That I can trust.

That I can love.

I chose me. And I stand in my power. Because this is my power.

I proved it to myself.

That I don’t do it because of money, because of fame, because of respect, because of love I craved from them.

I proved it to myself that I am doing it because of me.

And I can now enjoy money.

I can enjoy fame.

I can enjoy respect.

I can enjoy being loved.

Because I know who I am.

With or without it.


“The world is sacred.” is the meaning of words on this bag. In sLOVEnian language. My first idea of what to put on a tote bag. I needed a few years to put it out. It felt intimate. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would understand. Than I made it for me, to let it out already. It’s one of the bestsellers now. If you feel it, you can buy this 3 Ptice tote bag here.


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