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Grandma’s cardigan

DSC01970DSC01975 DSC01982

(Tally Weijl grey shirt; H&M dress and hat; Oviesse jeans; grandma’s cardigan; Adidas bag; Bershka shoes)

Have nice and fun weekend! (:

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Krasna si!

  2. A sem se ti jaz že zahvalila za rojstnodnevno oblačilo??:D No, če ne se ti zdaj! Tko, da hvala lepa za ful lepo čestitko!:)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Are you serious?

  4. huda jopa. obožujem debele pletenine!
    lep dan 🙂

  5. this a cute outfit with matching red shoes and red cardigan!
    i love the photo background too. so nature!

    p.s thanks for adding me to your blog roll.
    i;m adding you too to my blog roll which it's on the very bottom of my page.

  6. Ahhh! Sem šele zdaj opazila, da sem napisala oblačilo!:D Stupid me(to je zarad bolezni:D)! Misla sem voščilo:)

  7. @Alter Muffin: Haha, prava si ti 😀 Saj sem dojela, da misliš voščilo, je pa me res za trenutek zmedlo ("Kakšno oblačilo? Saj ji nisem nič poslala!") 😀 Hah (:

  8. love the tote and the jacket …such a nice comment 🙂 thanks i appreciate any feedback

  9. Gifs don't actually take too long. I just set my camera on continuous and snap a bunch of pictures in under a minute. Then, on the computer I have a software that layers them really easily…I just figured out how to make them, so I've been doing a lot! 🙂

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