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Fotografiranje s samosprožilcem v torek, v avtu, yeah. Self-timer photoshooting in the car on Tuesday, yeah. LSFbyAnita 1329LSFbyAnita 1340 LSFbyAnita 1348 LSFbyAnita 1331LSFbyAnita 1351 LSFbyAnita 1343 LSFbyAnita 1333 (DIY top, tutorial tu; Adidas torba; kapa iz druge roke; vintage kratke hlače; ročno izdelan prstan, na voljo tu) (DIY top, tutorial here; Adidas bag; secondhand cap; vintage shorts; handmade ring, available here) LSFbyAnita 1358 LSFbyAnita 1337LSFbyAnita 1352   gangstagif2 Moram se spravit ven iz te “jebite se vsi” naravnanosti. Ker mi nič ne koristi. Tudi mi ni jasno, zakaj sem tako jezna, ker se svet ne vrti po mojih željah. I have to get out of this “fuck you all” attitude. It doesn’t benefit me. Not sure, why am I so angry, because the world doesn’t turn the way I want it to.


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