“I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” -Jonathan Winters

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LSFbyAnita 081 V soboto sva se z Juretom sonca naužila v Mariboru. Oblečene imam DIY kratke hlače in DIY bluzico. Dober občutek. On Saturday I and Jure enjoyed the sun in Maribor. I wore DIY shorts and DIY blouse. Feels good. LSFbyAnita 092 LSFbyAnita 045 LSFbyAnita 084 LSFbyAnita 046LSFbyAnita 088LSFbyAnita 049LSFbyAnita 074 LSFbyAnita 059 Moj poskus, da bi resnim izrazom izgledala dobro na fotografiji | | My attempt to look good with serious face expression LSFbyAnita 090 LSFbyAnita 097 LSFbyAnita 102


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