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I see you

You sense that there is something deeper.

There is some deep connection with life flowing through you.

It’s something different, something special that reveals itself only through you.

Some deeper connection with the world, with Nature.

Connection with all there is.

Love and intelligence.


Some special quality,

some special individuality

collateral beauty (if you haven’t watch the movie Collateral Beauty yet, watch it, you will love it),

joy, compassion, home in your heart,


You are important in this game of life.

You feel this truth, this deep connection with all there is.

You know, that everything is alright.

No matter how you feel right now on the surface,

you know deep inside that it’s all good,

the whole Universe loves you,

and you are the One within the One.


Love, Anita -> You are most welcome to check out new products in my shop and fresh pictures of my tote bags (:

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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