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I wanna feel totally free, no responsibilities, just everything is okay…

  For just one day
I wanna break all regulations,
Because we all go the same way,
and we all pass the same stations.
For just one day
I wanna feel totally free,
no responsibilities, just everything is okay.
No desires, just surviving is the key.
For just one day
I wanna ignore our senseless fate,
Colours are victorious over the grey,
stop to get controlled by the state.
For just one day
I wanna forget the value of money and gold,
I wanna live life my way,
and loose my inhibition threshold.   DSC05890 DSC05872 DSC05874 DSC05880DSC05881 DSC05894 DSC05868 (H&M obleka, trak v laseh in čevlji; torbica Accessories) (H&M dress, headband and shoes; Accessories clutch) gif vrtenje DSC05909 DSC05907 DSC05908  

Kai Tracid – 4 just 1 Day

Se spomnite te pesmi? Zame je ena izmed najboljših. Vse v njej mi je všeč. Pa tudi video je super! Morate ga pogledat, resno! Do you guys remember this song? For me, it’s the one of the best songs. I love everything about it. And video is great, too! It’s a must watch, seriously!

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. i love your dress, it's so pretty! and the photos are gorgeous too, i love sunsets.

  2. very pretty look! love it, and the pictures.

    xx raez

  3. Ema Ema

    Oooo kako si lepa! Obožujem hipije! 🙂

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Lepa si.

  5. wow! this dress is pretty cute! i love the ruffles and the color.. it makes you look stunning!

  6. Hey!

    Kok si lepa v tej oblekci. super ti paše!

    Take care<3



  7. Lovely pics! I'll follow you i hope you'll follow me ^^
    Really nice blog dear!


  8. great poetry! and i love that dress..those frills on the side are so cool!

  9. love the dress and klutch!

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