“If you really want to hurt your parents and you don't have nerve enough to be homosexual, the least you can do is go into the arts.” -Kurt Vonnegut

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Živimo v multidimenzionalnem filmu (3D, skrij se ;)) in vse vključno z nami je umetnost. Ste si kdaj želeli skočiti v kakšno sliko in raziskati naslikan svet? Poskusite pogledati na svoje okolje kot na umetniško delo, po katerem lahko hodite. Vsem mojim bralcem pošiljam mir in ljubezen! (: * * * We are living in the multidimensional movie (3D go hide yourself ;)) and everything including us is the art. Have you ever wished to jump into some painting and discover the painted world? Try to look at the your surroundings like a work of art that you can walk in. I’m sending peace and love to all my readers! (: f2601088 f3626560f3654784 P.S.: Danes sem na etsyju naredila zakladnico z lepimi stvarmi in navdihujočimi citati. Poglejte jo! P.S.: I’ve made a treasury list with beautiful pieces and inspiring quotes on etsy today. Have a look!


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