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DSC09018 DSC09019 DSC09022 DSC09024DSC09025 DSC09027 DSC09028 DSC09031 (DIY jopa; neznani šal; Oviesse kapa in jeans; vintage bluza; H&M torba; Graceland čevlji) (DIY hoodie; unknown scarf; Oviesse hat and jeans; vintage blouse; H&M bag; Graceland shoes) Vem, totalni overload slik, ampak so mi tako všeč. Smešno, kako sem vedno mislila, da nisem fotogenična, pa me poglejte zdaj. Objavljam toliko lepih svojih fotografij. Morda sem zdaj bolj samozavestna, ampak sem prepričana, da to ni samo zaradi mene, je tudi zaradi mojega fotografa, Jureta. Njega, ki vidi toliko lepote v meni, da nimam druge možnosti kot jo izrazit. Hvala ti, Ljubezen. I know, it’s a total overload of pictures but I love them. It’s funny how I always thought that I’m not photogenic and look at me now. I’m posting so many nice pictures of me. Maybe am I more self-confident now, but I’m sure it’s not just because of me, it’s also because of my photographer, Jure. The One, who see so much beauty in me that I have no other option than expres it. Thank you, Love.


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  1. I loved the photos. I like the fact that they're humanesque and not all girly girly. Thank you for reading my blog. That comment literally made my day. I was feeling crappy lol and yes I'm taryn andre / taryn b. One in the same.

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