"Life is not a tragedy, it is a comedy. To be alive means to have a sense of humor." (Osho)

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Fotografiji (s self-timerjem) moje sredine oblačilne oprave. Strmim v monitor in ne vem ali naj nadaljujem s pisanjem ali naj grem EFT-at, gledat filma ali slikat. Kako bi bilo fajn, če bi lahko razmnožila samo sebe. Kot oni zlobec v Matrici, haha 😀 Pictures (taken with self-timer) of what I wore last Wednesday. I’m just staring at the monitor and I don’t know,  should I write or should I go do some EFT, watch a movie or should I paint. I want to multiply myself. Like that bad guy in Matrix, haha 😀 Vintage jacket; H&M bag & leggings; Zara tee;  Stradivarius flats (2)Vintage jacket; H&M bag & leggings; Zara tee;  Stradivarius flats (3)(Blazer iz druge roke; H&M torbica in pajkice; Zara majica; Stradivarius balerinke) (Secondhand blazer; H&M bag and leggings; Zara tee; Stradivarius flats)


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