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Is there life before the death ?

DSC01983 DSC01985






death (?)


(Vintage pullover, no name scarf; Stradivarius coat; Passiontex jeans; Graceland shoes)


(Tally Weijl shirt; Zara dress; H&M pants, scarf and coat; Ali Star shoes; Sewa bag)

I’m afraid to start write last time because I don’t want to fall in and I don’t want spend too much time by computer. That would mean less time for me. And I’m busy with remodeling mental and emotional patterns in my system (:

Hvala ti za kavo!Hvala ti za kavo!
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  1. Predzadnji fotki sta mi všeč, v takem jesenskem ambientu, prežeti z optimističnimi barvami 🙂

  2. je adore whole the outfits.
    ur scarf,ur nike shoes,coat,and anything looks so brightned up :))
    love all the style and looks <333

  3. I love your coat I have to get a colorful coat but
    you are so colorful and chic!

  4. i love your pink jumper! and how you wear all your colors together, great!

  5. Theyellwo scarf is so bright & cheerry 😀

  6. you really look gorgeous in your colorful and vibrant outfit.
    very beautiful!

  7. the outfit is so colorful and full of life!
    love it^^

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